Blockchain Startup Seeking Technical Partner/Architect

(Brandon M.) #1

I’m seeking an experienced architect to join me as a senior partner of an exciting, new blockchain startup. Open to the right partner maintaining a traditional job until we secure the seed round, at which point all senior partners would need to be full time on the project. At that time compensation can include a cash/crypto salary + equity.

The right partner will have a depth of understanding in data architecture and experience managing large projects while providing leadership to developers. Knowledge and experience with smart contracts, cryptography, and network security along with any experience in banking or capital markets would be strong plus.

At least 7+ years of development and/or architecture experience.

This is ground floor and an opportunity for the right person to manage a large, complex project. If interested, please send a CV to [email protected] and feel free provide some brief, informal input around your expectations and desire to be involved in the space.