Community Input Needed! Community Roles 💪

(John Mason) #1

Hi everyone,

We are super lucky to have so many people in our community that are willing to get involved. Unfortunately, we don’t necessarily have clear cut out roles yet, so it’s a great opportunity for us to build this from the ground up.

Here are some super rough ideas:

We give our people credit for community service

Maybe we can list them on a “hall of fame” on the forum somewhere to record people’s “terms”? Putting a list on the forum would also make a convenient directory for people to know who to reach out to. :thinking:

Each role should have a purpose + minimum expectation

For example, an “Event Planner” has the role to “plan at least X number of events”. If X number of events have not been planned, that person should step down.

What community roles should we have?

(spit balling here, super rough ideas)

Event Planner: plan X amount of events
Slack Mentor: available X hours on Slack to help
Marketing: make X amount of posts on social
Photographer: make X amount of photos
Helper: show up early to X meetups to help out / stay late to help clean up
Ops: find and organize X amount of available venues or speakers
Contributor: find and share X amount of helpful info for others

Let’s make a goal to have this figured out by June 1st! :muscle:

(John Mason) #2

(Chris Anthony) #3

Roles spreadsheet from the Clt-Devs Drive (last edited 11/28/17):

(Joshua Miller) #4

I should probably be removed from the “Event Planners” and from the “Childcare” buckets. I think I had volunteered my daughter for childcare assistance, but she’s since gotten a job (yay!) My schedule is too full for it to be feasible for me to help plan events - I’m just setting an unrealistic expectation there.

I’m happy to continue to be a resource for hosting events at Skookum, mentoring, interviewing, participating in events, etc., but planning isn’t something I have time to continue with.

(Ryan Moore) #5

@johnmason Event Planner - I already have so many ideas! :slight_smile:

(Josh) #6

@ryanmoore we have a doc you can add to!

(Ryan Moore) #7

Where?! The one above?

(Josh) #8

I DM’d it to you on Slack.

(Chris Anthony) #9

OK, I made those updates

(Victoria Pinson) #10

I added a line in the sheet as well, but I’m managing the Twitter (will do 3 posts/week). I can also help with any kind of copyediting we need, and PR projects.

(Josh) #11

Does anyone else feel like it might be worthwhile making an agenda item where we discuss what roles are needed at the next huddle? John outlined some, but we might find there are others instead of/in addition to. It’s hard for me to get the time to brainstorm about this kind of thing, so it might help to discuss it.

(John Mason) #12

A brainstorming session sounds good @josh_lawson. :+1: I feel the same way.

As long as we loop everything back here so max amount of people can have context and provide input.

(John R Epperson) #13

So I liked this idea of an IRL brainstorming session. Any thoughts on dates? I need to plan things at least a week or two out if possible myself. For those of you interested, what do your weeks of the 14th, 21st, 28th of May look like? Monday of the 28th is Memorial Day…so that’s either a great day to get together or a really bad one depending on everyone’s plans…

I’m guessing this type of event will be a bit more open-ended than a quick half hour or hour session will allow, so I feel like we need to account for that. That PROBABLY indicates an afternoon or evening instead of a lunchtime session. This is a thing where we’re going to want to try and get as many of those who WANT to attend to attend if possible.

(John Mason) #14

I’m realizing that quite a few people are in the same boat as far as availability is concerned.

Is everyone OK if we change this from a 30 day to a 60 day timeline?

We can get as much brainstorming as possible done before the offsite, figure the rest out there, publish it on forum for exposure, then make a final decision at the end of the 60 day period (sometime in July).

(Victoria Pinson) #15

Throwing in my vote for an IRL offsite! Maybe we could make it a Saturday lunch thing, or something like that.

We should gather a few possible dates and put out a poll to get some initial feedback.

(John Mason) #16

Agreed @kirillian and @victoriapinson on extended time. Saturday is a good idea. I spoke with @joshuamil earlier. We should be able to use Skookum’s conference room Saturday, June 2nd. Does that work for everyone?

We do want as much participation as possible, so if that Saturday doesn’t work – please suggest a Saturday that does!

(Chris Anthony) #17

I can do the 2nd …

(John Mason) #18

Bump. Anyone else? June 2nd work for everyone?