Front-End Developer - 8 Week Contract

(Joshua Miller) #1

Hey, anyone here interested in a short (8 week) contract engagement with Skookum to do some front-end dev work? Mostly HTML/CSS, not super-heavy on JavaScript, but needs some sharp CSS skills. Can be junior, mid, senior, etc. - as long as you have availability and a desire to make beautiful things.

(Eburns1209) #2

Is this position still available? And if so, when do they need someone to start? Or could I do the work remotely?


(Ana Sofia Saenz) #3

Where can I apply?
Very Interested in the position!

(Brittney Ball) #4


How do I apply to this position? I am very interested in this opportunity!!

(John Mason) #5

Hi everyone!

Here is Josh’s email: [email protected]

Best of luck!

(Joshua Miller) #6

Thanks everyone for your interest, we have had several applicants for this and we’re moving forward making a decision who we’ll use. Appreciate all of the interest!

(Joshua Miller) #7