Gauging Interest: 1-1 Mentoring Sessions for Junior Developers in Community

(John Mason) #1

We have a ton of awesome mentors in the group that are willing to help others. Thought it would be super cool if we could organize 1-1’s for a set period of time to select junior devs in the community.

Kind of related to Gauging Interest: Onboarding Bootcamp Grads?

Helping juniors develop the skill of interacting with mentors would be a huge win.
Maybe we can set a few requirements so mentors don’t get swamped, ie:

  • mentor can only take on X number of 1-1’s
  • the official program is NOT indefinite, so fixed number of 1-1’s (though people can be encouraged to continue once the program ends)
  • juniors must submit an application that goes through a selection process
  • juniors must purchase coffee/breakfast/lunch in respect for the mentor’s time

Any mentors in the house interested in this? Juniors? What do you think?

(Doug Grubba) #2

I’d be up for doing it.

(Joshua Miller) #3

I’m happy to do some 1:1 sessions with Juniors in the community.

(Carlos Medina) #4

Im no senior (maybe mid) but i’m down for a 1:1 session as well.

(Jay West) #5

I would love to participate! Would be interested in any mentors in the Mooresville area.

(Faye Cheadle) #6

I’m also happy to help here as well. I’m always down for questions on Slack.

This might be a good resource for people as well:

(Jason Byer) #7

I just graduated from TTS and would love a mentor to help out in any way possible

(John Mason) #8

Nice share @fayecheadle. TBH, this is almost exactly what we want to do, except specific to locals in Charlotte.

Looks like we can get away with just using Google forms. Listing the mentors is :100:

(Aaron Toliver) #9

New member to the group here. I’d love to get some guidance from the more experienced Devs in the group.

(Chris Anthony) #10

I think it’s an awesome idea and you can count me in as well!

(Alyssa Lemon) #11

I would like a personal Obi-Wan, yes.

(Matt Bryant) #12

I am definitely up for getting some 1-on-1 mentoring as an entry level junior. Cheers

(Jeremy) #13

i would love this! but am i still too green?