Gauging Interest: Onboarding Bootcamp Grads?

(John Mason) #1

One thing that a lot of boot camp grads face is learning how to transition from student to professional developer. Without knowing too many people, the landscape can easily feel like a desert environment with tumbleweeds. :cactus: :cry:

TTS and UNCC bootcamps are both super willing to collaborate with us if we put something together.

What do y’all think – any ideas on putting together a welcome program?

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(Victoria Pinson) #2

Yessssss!!! Love this idea. Let’s do it!

(Jason Byer) #3

As a recent bootcamp grad I would definitely be interested in this

(Ryan Moore) #4

Totally on board with this - great idea!!!

(Chris Anthony) #5


(Alyssa Lemon) #6

Yes please times one thousand.