Hey Guys, Kouame here!

(Kouame N'dri) #1

Hey Guys,

My name is Kouame N’Dri from the beautiful QC. I am front-end developer who dabbled in react, react native, swift, d3.js, node.js and many others. I am currently a front-end developer at Midan Marketing in Mooresville.

Though I am only 18 years old. Design and development has been my passion for many years. I attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (for a semester :grin:). During my semester there, my friends and I entered the Shop.com App Contest. Our goal was to make a statement being all freshman and underrepresented in the tech industry. By God’s grace, we won first place, from that moment we gained major traction from different retailers about our project.

Long story short, I came back home to pursue the idea, didn’t quite work out, but I fell in love with the purpose of networking, meeting new people, and learning new things.

That’s a little snippet about me. Glad I found this site, and hope to meet all you soon.

(John Mason) #2

Welcome @kouame.ndri :wave: :nerd_face:

Hope to see you in person soon. In the meantime, see you here and on slack. :+1: