Hey it's Justin Holt!

(Justin Holt) #1

Hey folks, Justin Holt here. Long time web developer, concentrating mostly on Front End these days. I’m currently a FED at Wray Ward here Dilworth, been here almost 2 years. Previously was at Carbonhouse. I love working in Craft CMS, Laravel or CodeIgniter projects. Converted back to pure JavaScript from jQuery land a few years ago so this year I’m learning Vue.js and working on a hyper-local focused PWA for Charlotte-area digital meetups (http://charlottedevmeetups.com). When not working I like to compete in professional BBQ competitions with my brother with our team Holt Brothers BBQ, or spend time on one of my dozens of other side projects. My family and I live in Plaza Midwood. http://www.justinholt.com on the web, [email protected] through the emails, @justinholtweb on Twitter

(John Mason) #2

Welcome @justinholtweb! I live in PM too. My wife recently started a facebook group called Midwood Mommies. Y’all should check it out!

(Justin Holt) #3

Thanks John. I told my wife about that she’s gonna check it out for some play dates.