Hi everyone, I'm Sharon

(Sharon Ziel) #1

My name is Sharon (Curlee) Ziel. I am a 10 year SAHM looking to get back into work. Self taught programmer. Before kids worked with both .NET and J2EE. Wrote front end code mainly, but did whatever needed doing minus dev ops or DBA type work. Last job I used a fair bit of JS w/ AJAX. Learning all I can now about the new technologies that have come on the scene and where I see myself fitting back in. Right now I help out a few small local groups with whatever computer related tasks need doing on a volunteer basis. The biggest challenge I feel is not the technology, but finding something that will offer a flexible schedule - I would like to continue to be here after school for my boys (work in office while they are at school, wfh after school). Would love to connect with other SAHMs in tech who’ve re-entered the workforce and hear your experiences.

UNC Grad, SwimMAC alumni, Charlotte Native.

(Tyler Gordon) #2

Welcome Sharon! Though I’m not a SAHM my wife is (if I have that acronym right). My office is currently looking for a .NET developer. Check us out: SIM USA.

If you want to know more and have Slack, send me a direct message.

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Welcome @scurleeous :wave:

Though I don’t personally know any SAHMs offhand, I highly recommend you connect with #gdi-clt. They’re all about supporting women in tech. :muscle::dancer:

@tygor you guys should post any opportunities on https://forum.charlottedevs.com/c/job-opportunities!