Howdy, Matt Here

(Matt Bryant) #1

Howdy Folks,

My name is Matt, and I’m happy to have found this group. I’m actually in Greensboro, but don’t hold that against me lol. There aren’t exactly a lot of webdev groups like this in my city. I’m relatively new to web design and development, but working on it a bit each day. My day job is communications manager for an academic department at the Univ. of NC Greensboro.

I’m doing the self-taught route, having spent quite a bit of time in different online venues such as Lynda, Treehouse, Know The Code, MjJingo, etc., and have had at least solid intros to HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Git/Github, WordPress, among others. I was starting to get into WordPress development, but decided to switch gears and learn Craft CMS instead, and as of today, have figured out how to set up a local development environment with Flywheel Local that will work with Craft, or any plain static non-WordPress site. I like the design end of things, and am comfortable with stuff like Illustrator, Photoshop, etc…but also want to really be able to code things form scratch, set up CMS sites for clients. etc.

Anyway…that’s a brief intro for me. I look forward to following this group, meeting other folks and occasionally making it to some of your in-person events. Cheers!

(John Mason) #2

Welcome @matt.bryant! :wave:

I am a UNCG grad myself. Liberal Arts major :nerd_face:

Out of curiosity, how’d you hear about us? Hope you can make it out to an event soon.

Feel free to join our slack team on You can get an invite at

(Justin Holt) #3

Also UNCG grad here (2k class ISOM). Too many years spent in Bryan School. Welcome!

(Matt Bryant) #4

Thanks guys! I ran across this group while searching for MeetUp and Slack webdev groups in the area. I’ve joined the Slack channel…thanks for the invite! cheers, Matt