Imposter Syndrome Panel (June Event)

(John Mason) #1

Hi everyone,

Let’s get this ball rolling. We had talked earlier in February about doing a panel style event on dealing with imposter syndrome as a developer. Since a lot of developers deal with this issue (I know I do), this should be a really useful event for people.

@joshuamil has kindly offered to be the mediator for the panel.

So we need a few volunteers for panelists. Maybe 4-6 people?

Anyone have any recommendations for panelists?

(Josh) #2

I’ve reached out to @joshuamil and we’ve discussed the following:

  • a short talk by Josh to open
  • a panel with Drey, @_az, (assuming the two of them are still willing) maybe @kirillian (assuming he’s game), another participant from Skookum, and somebody more junior TBD. I can pinch hit if we can’t find anybody or nobody speaks up.
  • Skookum can host

We can solicit the Slack channel again when we’ve got some people on lock and know what we need.


(John Mason) #3

Love it @josh_lawson!

My only two cents would be perhaps we can shake things up a bit and add some new voices? A lot of people have had plenty of conversations with @joshuamil, @_az, and @kirillian before (no offense, guys)

The idea of a junior dev on the panel is :ok_hand: I think John Potts would also be a great option. You also would be a good fit. :wink:

I think it would be really cool to have a woman on the panel to have more diverse opinions. Maybe @cristinaveale would know someone from GDI that would be willing?

On the topic of diverse opinions, maybe some senior devops folks? @scottelundgren and @bigfleet come to mind.

Senior PM’s: Joseph Guerra from Team Luna

Also some senior designers? Maybe @joshuamil can convince Mel Shields to partake.

(Justin Holt) #4

Whats the date on this? I might be able to volunteer as a panel member. 20+ years web dev experience and I still feel imposter syndrome almost every day!

(John Mason) #5

Here’s the tentative line up of people that we have so far:

  • Terrence Whittaker (mid dev, TTS grad) :white_check_mark:
  • John Potts (jr dev, self taught) :white_check_mark:
  • Samantha Shaibani (UX designer) :x:
  • Scott Lundgren (devops, CS degree at top 20 school) :white_check_mark:
  • Joseph Guerra (project manager, nightshift grad, helped make lightrail app):x:
  • Alan Chavez (sr dev, no college degree and naturalized citizen) :white_check_mark:
  • Rachel Parsons (dev manager) :white_check_mark:
  • Justin Holt :white_check_mark:
  • Victoria Pinson :white_check_mark:

moderated by:

  • Josh Miller (sr dev, Arts background) :white_check_mark:

Feels like a pretty diverse panel, lmk if anyone has any ideas! Still working on venue.

(John Mason) #6

Happy to report that Hygge has just confirmed that they are willing to sponsor this event and we will have a venue space open in Camp North End June 16th - 11:30am-2pm! :tada:

Confirming with panelist members now. If any can’t make it, will start looking for backups. (@justinholtweb you’re on the hook :wink:).

Aiming to post meetup announcement this week. :crossed_fingers:

(John Mason) #7

Meetup announced! Now we just need full bios from panelists.

(Joshua Miller) #8

Josh Miller
Has been an imposter for the majority of his 20+ year career in the software industry. Currently Josh is serving as Director of Co-Production at Skookum, a position for which he is entirely unqualified. In the interim he has at least a subset of his peers fooled; this latest ruse will almost certainly end soon.

(John Mason) #9

Justin Holt
Is a native Charlottean. Raised on southern BBQ and Cheerwine, Justin has been interested in web development since the mid 90’s when he built his first website. He currently serves as a Front End Developer at Wray Ward in Charlotte, and has worked with brands and agencies across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Justin lives in the Plaza Midwood region of Charlotte with his wife and son.

(John Potts) #10

John Potts is a junior-level Front End Developer at Ally financial in Charlotte. Self taught in web development as of last June, he also has a background in music and non-profit work. He enjoys gardening, hanging with his wife and four kids, and pretending to be a web developer.

(Terrence Whittaker Jr) #11

Terrence Whittaker Jr., was born in Cleveland, Ohio. As a former marketing brand strategist and designer, he began his development journey in January 2016. After deciding to make a career change, he entered the Tech Talent South code immersion program. Since finishing TTS, he has worked as an application developer at Movement Mortgage and is currently serving as a Front-End Developer at in Charlotte.

(John Mason) #12

Rachel Parsons

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, Rachel is probably out in her kayak, doing yoga, or tinkering with code. By day, she’s the AppDev Practice Manager at Cardinal Solutions in Charlotte, NC. Rachel thrives on leading teams to deliver high quality software. She’s been programming for over 18 years and leading for at least 6 of those years. Most recently, she’s been architecting mobile apps using Swift, digging into technologies focused on streamlining developer workflows (devops!), and her teams are well-versed in development best practices. Rachel, aka Pinky, is the Career Development Director for ChickTech Charlotte, a local chapter of a national non-profit focused on empowering women and girls to get into and stay in technology careers.

(Scott Lundgren) #13

Scott Lundgren found his calling in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University after failing 2 classes of Electrical Engineering. Since then he’s worked at a Fortune 100 company, experiend an IPO and bust, wrote the tech of what became a national non-profit, started a zombie panic, been a member of 3 failed startpus and taught junior developers at Tech Talent South. Currently he’s an organizer of Code for Charlotte and Senior Server Administrator at Payzer.

(Victoria Pinson) #14

Victoria Pinson is the co-founder of Wryfox, a hands-on creative agency helping growing companies drive revenue through tactical marketing, web development and butt-kicking digital branding. As a Tech Talent South graduate, Victoria uses her Web Development skills to build custom websites and get under the hood of the technologies her clients are using. When she’s not busy with WryFox, Victoria volunteers with Girls Who Code, Chick Tech, Tech Talent South, and of course, Charlotte Devs.

(alan) #15

Alan Chavez Alan is a Senior Software Engineer who has worked for small, medium and large companies. He immigrated from Mexico 10 years ago and studied Computer Science at the University of Texas; skipped 2 years of studies by taking placement tests instead of going to class, and dropped out of college during his last semester. Throughout the vast majority of his career, he has lived with the crushing fear of being found out as a fraud. Alan volunteers as a professor and teaching assistant with Girl Develop It and helps whenever possible with Charlotte Devs.