Interview Regularly (Even If You Don't Need a Job)

(John Mason) #1

This piece of advice was given to me and has been very helpful to me.

Try to make a routine for yourself where you do at least one interview a year… even if you really aren’t interested in leaving your current gig. What does this do for you?

  1. It helps you gauge the demand for your skills in the marketplace
  2. It keeps your interviewing skills sharp and builds confidence
  3. It keeps your resume updated
  4. It improves your negotiating skills.
    The best position to negotiate is when you don’t need to negotiate!
  5. It keeps you up to date with what opportunities are available

(alan) #2

Furthermore, mock interviews help tremendously when you are interviewing.

I’ve conducted mock interviews for some members of this group over lunch or coffee and they’ve seen tremendous value on hearing how they’re perceived on the other side of the table.

If anyone needs a mock interview feel free to reach out!

(John Mason) #3

Yeah, I agree. We definitely don’t organize enough mock interviews for everyone.

(ted prendergat) #4

If you guys are still thinking about a mock interview event I might be able to help out. I have 4 tech and college recruiters that would be willing to do mock phone screens and mock in persons. We do this a couple times a year so we are comfortable giving constructive feedback. Let me know.

Meetups in February
(John Mason) #5

Hey @teddyp18 that would be awesome! :+1:

We are discussing this in Meetups in February so I’ll move convo there!