Jay introduction

(Jay West) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Jay West. I am a full-time CAFM data analyst and a part-time Software Engineering student at Arizona State University. My coding experience is pretty basic up to this point, just the usual college class stuff and some Excel macros for work. I have recently begun to augment my class work with various on-line courses from Udemy, FCC, and the like. The more you know the better, right? My work-in-progress portfolio page can be found here: link. Baby steps…

When I am not working or in school I spend time with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.

If you want to know more about what I’ve done professionally, check-out my LinkedIn profile. I would be happy to network!

(John Mason) #2

Welcome Jay! I’m guessing you’re taking your software engineering classes online. Definitely a +1 on being curious and checking out other courses like Udemy, FCC, etc. :+1:

(Jay West) #3

Thanks John. Yeah, it is their online SE B.S. I have about 20 classes left. Going part-time is making it a looong path to walk!

I decided to look into other online courses as ASU is heavy on java and wanted/needed some other tools in my tool box.

I’m looking forward with connecting with others here.