Junior Focused Event: Turning Pro (May 23rd)

(John Mason) #1

Hey guys and gals,

So Greg Koscevic from our friends at Red Ventures has very kindly offered to give a talk to juniors on turning pro. He took web development classes from college and had to make the difficult transition from student/hobbyist to professional. Should be a really interesting talk with practical advice, especially for boot camp grads.

The tentative date is May 23rd 6:30-8:30.

Now we just need a venue. Was thinking Camp North End. Anyone have any connections there? @joshuamil perhaps?

Open to ideas! :+1:

(John Mason) #2

Meetup announced!

(Jay West) #3

Bummer. Same day as the RIot meetup.

(John Mason) #4

Shoot @JayWest, you’re right… :thinking:

Does anyone have any opinions on this? Should we work towards rescheduling? Pinging @staff

(Joshua Miller) #5

Let me see what I can do @john! Always welcome at Skookum, but I’ll check on the Studio at CNE.

(Joshua Miller) #6

@john we’re no-go on the Studio at CNE this month, but they would love to host a future event (May is super-busy for them right now)

(John Mason) #7

ROVE can host us on Monday the 21st or the following Wednesday the 30th.

Does anyone have any opinions or preference?

(Jay West) #8

Either day works for me. :slight_smile:

(John Mason) #9

Ok, so Wed the 30th works better for our speaker, Greg. Going to update meetup to the 30th!

(Jay West) #10

Darn it. Too many meetups! I’ll have to catch this one on the next go around. Got a AI & ML meetup in Davidson on the 30th.

Sorry for causing the scheduling change in the first place! :confounded: