Let's Talk About Open Source


(Clickada Wrist) #1

Hi everyone, we now have an #open-source channel in Slack.
To avoid losing important info, I’m putting some here. Please add on evergreen info here too (here = forum).
I’m 100% a beginner to open source; this is just the starting point.

Went to Open Source topic conversation by Girl Develop It and learned about these:
Our own Charlotte Devs Website! On GitHub

NodeJs is organized

Not sure about the “buy” part but there is definitely lot of information!

There are some coding initiatives that are local.

All Things Open Conference


Command Line Heroes

Calinou’s Game Dev Tools List

Outreachy Internship

Recently Hacktoberfest ended but it might come around next October.

Twitter Open Source

Is anyone working on some open source projects you would like to share (and maybe get people involved in)?