Local Recruiter - Blockchain Enthusiast

(Adrian S. Coumas) #1

My name is Adrian Coumas, and I am Charlotte native. I used to work with on dev. team leading data aggregation and quality efforts for an aggregator.

The start up I was a part of gave me the opportunity to work on front end code with a focus on SEO.

I am now heading up recruiting efforts for various financial services, info-sec, blockchain, and UI/UX dev/design roles.

I am happy to help anyone out be it through my employer, or just through friends and connections here in the city.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this forum. Ping me on LinkedIn!


(John Mason) #2

Thanks for introducing yourself @Adrian_Coumas. It’s nice to hear a little bit about your background. Welcome! :wave:

(Joshua Miller) #3

What’s up @Adrian_Coumas, the Blockchain stuff sounds pretty intriguing. We still need to grab that coffee soon.