March 27th Mock Interview Event

(Victoria Pinson) #1

We will be offering two different interview formats for our Mock Interview Event on March 27th. Participants that sign up before the event will be able to choose the format they prefer, but we will try to accommodate everyone as best we can.


  • you’re not afraid of talking in front of people, we would love a few volunteers to ‘interview’ and get live feedback as part of our public panel.
  • you would prefer a small group setting, we’re planning to have multiple rooms that offer more privacy so you can get feedback in a smaller setting.

Please let us know which you prefer on this form. If you are willing to interview others, just want to watch, or want to volunteer in any other capacity, please sign up using the form as well.

We have limited slots, so sign up by March 26th to lock in your preference. Others will be sorted on a first come, first served basis.

(John Mason) #2

Hi Charlotte Devs!

Our job interview practice day is tomorrow! We’ve got a great line up of senior software engineers and recruiters that have volunteered to give their feedback. With 80 RSVP’s so far, this should be a fun event!

Wanted to remind y’all of a few things:

Come hungry! TEK Systems is providing an awesome nacho bar from Moes.

Parking is validated! Just bring your ticket into the TEK Systems office and they will validate your parking.

Your interview will be backstage: Some people have mentioned concerns about being interviewed center stage. No worries, interviews will take place in very small rooms that will be backstage. There will be a few completely private 1-1 interviews available as well.

Being interviewed isn’t mandatory. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this cool opportunity of getting constructive feedback on your interview skills from industry professionals, but no worries if you’re not feeling up to it. There will be lots of socializing at the nacho bar.

Bring a few hard copies of your resume! Not only is this handy for you during the practice interviews, we will also have “resume speed dating” tables where you can get some custom tailored resume advice by seasoned recruiters.

Bring your phone if you want to be recorded! If you are interested in getting a recording of your interview, you can bring your smartphone and ask to be recorded (please make sure it’s OK with your interviewer first).

Stay around for networking protips! Emma Hollister will be giving a talk on some networking protips. She’s been flown across the country to give this talk, and we’re super stoked that she’s willing to give her talk tomorrow. Be sure to stick around after your interview to listen in!

Looking forward to seeing you!


(John Mason) #3

BTW, in case you haven’t RSVP-ed, here’s the meetup link: