Meetups in February

(Kaity Hallman) #1

Hi all!

We’ve had a few discussions surrounding upcoming meetups for February in Slack. Some ideas that have been thrown out there:

  • Imposter syndrome panel talk (Would love to know who is interested and committed in being a part of this panel)
  • A talk on Python by @whieronymus
  • Slack IRL
  • Vim

Are there any other ideas? Does anyone want to take the lead on scheduling? If so, join #plan-all-the-things on Slack. There are some pinned details on how I’ve managed scheduling/planning tasks.

(John Mason) #2

I’d be happy to have a talk on command-line-fu/mouse-free productivity stuff such as configuring dotfiles and putting them in VCS, aliases, vim, tmux, etc.

I know @kaityhallman literally just did a talk on git command line stuff, so maybe that can be a few months from now?

(Kaity Hallman) #3

I’d love to see that talk eventually, but I agree it would be good to vary what type of content is presented for talks. Beyond some ideas listed above, it would be cool if someone could speak about an intro to a framework simply because we haven’t had any talks surrounding that subject.

(Tammy) #4

I think a talk about writing modular CSS (using BEM) would be a great topic since there are a lot of front end focused devs in the group, and it can be helpful to those who find themselves struggling to organize their styles.

(Josh) #5

@tammyprodev I think that’s a really great idea. In my experience, I haven’t had too much use for it, primarily because I don’t build apps that I think would benefit greatly from that level of structure (though I may be wrong) but also because explanations on it’s usage seem to center around solving a problem that I haven’t really had. So somebody who could demo it really clearly would be awesome. I know it’s not really a complicated concept, but I think I can speak for some of the more inexperienced folks when I say that it would be helpful to see it in action.

(Josh) #6

@kaityhallman That would be cool. I think even a “framework mashup” with an overview of the most popular ones and some features of each would be neat but that might be tough to squeeze into one evening. We could pair up with Charlotte FE on that as well.

(Tammy) #7

@josh_lawson Totally! I use it everyday at work developing mostly websites… Plain ol’ trio (HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS [& jQuery]). Makes it a lot easier to style reusable components you may see throughout a site like for forms, buttons, sliders, etc…

(Kaity Hallman) #8

@tammyprodev would you ever be interested in giving a talk on BEM?

(Josh) #9

:point_up_2: Yeah, that’s really what I’m getting at :smiley:

(John Mason) #10

+1 for @tammyprodev giving a talk. :muscle: Honestly, I think that would be a perfect topic for the junior crowd.

(Tammy) #11

@kaityhallman I’ve never given a talk before but yeah, I think I’d be up for the that. It’d help me to sharpen up on my presentation skills. I’d just need some time to put something together.

(Kaity Hallman) #12

no worries! even if’s a talk towards the end of Feb. that’d be great. let me know early next week if you’d like to commit to it

(Matthew Hatcher) #13

Any thoughts on dates? If I were to attend, I would have to ask off of work first so having dates prior would be nice.

(Tammy) #14

@matthew We tend to schedule meet ups in the early evening (after work hours) so that people are able to attend. Once planned, a post is made on maybe a good 2 weeks in advance and shared on Slack. We’re just juggling ideas at the moment so anything you see here hasn’t been solidified, but we’ll be sure to keep the community updated.

(Kaity Hallman) #15

@tammy any thoughts on if you’d like to commit to a talk on BEM this month?

(Tammy) #16

@kaityhallman I can do it but not this month

(John Mason) #17

@tammy if you want to do your BEM talk in March, what are everyone’s thoughts if we schedule the mock interviewing for this month, maybe the third or fourth week?

(Joshua Miller) #18

I just posted a similar thing in - it’s a little confusing all the places where planning is happening now :confused:

Anyway, since it’s already being discussed, I’d love to do a Mock Interview Night at Skookum. We’ll cover food and facility and I’m game for doing interviews and can recruit someone else to assist. We’ll need more volunteers obviously, but I think the 27th of February would be ideal.

Interview Regularly (Even If You Don't Need a Job)
(John Mason) #19

Yeah, my bad for it being kind of confusing. Will consolidate categories in a sec.

@joshuamil how does Tuesday the 27th at 6:30pm work?

Depending on RSVP count, some additional volunteers to do interviews would be lovely. I think @_az is interested in helping out as well.

(John Mason) #20

Hey @teddyp18 what time of year do you guys do your mock interviewing? We were tentatively thinking sometime later this month, but I know that’s rapidly approaching. Perhaps a date in March, say week of 12-16th, so we can put some marketing behind it?

If @joshuamil and @_az are still game on interviewing, combined with your folks, we should be able to execute this really well. :muscle: