Mother's Day Celebration

(John Mason) #1

Hey Charlotte Devs!

What would you guys think if we did an outdoor Slack IRL event? Would be cool to get together with friends and just have some fun outside. Was thinking we can all get together for some sunshine, music, food, and a fun sport of some kind.

Maybe an ultimate frisbee game?
Or soccer?
Something else?

Maybe we can get together at Freedom Park on a weekend with good weather. :thinking:

What do you guys think? Anyone particularly savvy with any of these activities in Charlotte?

(Tyler Gordon) #2

I’m still fairly new to the Charlotte Devs group, but personally, I’d love a volleyball game. Granted, ultimate frisbee is great fun and easier in terms of “gear.”

Families welcome?

(John Mason) #3

Yes!!! It would be awesome if families are welcome. Don’t see any reason why not. I have wife + 2 kids myself.

Maybe once people have time to chime in we can start a poll on what activity we do.

(Justin Holt) #4

This is a good idea, I’d be in to bringing my grill/smoker setups to something. Weekends would be best so the family can come.

(John Mason) #5

holy cow @justinholtweb that sounds amazing!! You thinking BBQ? I’m hungry already. :smile:

Agreed on the weekend.

Maybe we can start a super simple potluck of some kind? That way people at the very least could bring drinks :thinking:

(John Mason) #6

So after talking with @cristinaveale, GDI will be teaming up with CLT Devs to throw this event! We can call it our “Programmers in the Park” event. :wink:

Let’s plan on a weekend in May so we have enough time to organize and plan. :+1:

@justinholtweb, we have sponsorship $$$ we can apply to this event. If you are willing to be the BBQ-man-with-the-plan, we can purchase :meat_on_bone: :hamburger:. Just lmk what you are thinking. Also, do you know of any parks that will allow you to bring in your smoker? Thinking Veterans Park, but not 100% sure. Open to suggestions!

(Justin Holt) #7

For sure. I have availability the weekends (May 12 and May 19) only in May. We have a big BBQ competition on May 5 and a BBQ demo at Cabela’s in Ft. Mill on the 26th. My smokers are portable and can double as grills also depending on what you want me to make. I can do pulled pork and ribs overnight the night before, and on site can do burgers, dogs, sausage, beans, mac and cheese, etc. I can check with parks and rec on regulations for bringing grills to parks, but ive totally seen people hauling grills out for parties at Veterans with no hassles.

Let me know which of those weekends is working best for you and we can move from there. You can also connect with me thru email [email protected] or [email protected]

(Josh) #8

Ermergerd, yes. Do that.

(John Mason) #9

Confirmed for GDI + CLT Devs combined event for Mothers Day! Starts at 11:15

@justinholtweb is confirmed to bring in the BBQ, so we’re waiting to get a somewhat accurate head count.

Some things that would be super cool to figure out for this event:

  • Activities. Since we have the fields reserved, a range of activities would be nice. Ultimate Frisbee would be cool, maybe other things as well? Since this is a family event, would also be cool to have some 1-2 kid-focused things too.
  • Music. Anyone know anybody that would be willing to play live acoustic music? That would be sweet!
  • ?

Super excited you guys!

(John Mason) #10

Hey y’all!

Quick update. My wife organizes a group called Midwood Mommies consisting of roughly 200 families in the Plaza Midwood area.

Since this is indeed a Mother’s Day event, we thought it would be cool to bring in the Mommies and have them organize kid activities to make this more family friendly. We have two fields reserved, so the larger one can go towards adult activities and the smaller one can go to kid activities.

For adults, we can have ultimate frisbee and corn hole matches. Plus, I contacted Jettison Five to see if they would be interested in playing live music. :smile:

For the kids, I was thinking the Mommies can organize things like face painting, bubbles, etc. In the works. We’ll see what happens. :crossed_fingers:

(John Mason) #11

Updated Event Topic:

Come join us for a fun day at the park to celebrate Mother’s Day! Families welcome. If your mom isn’t in town, no worries, hang out with other programmers in the park!

Huge shoutout to Girl Develop It!, Midwood Mommies, Holt Bros BBQ, Skookum and Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association for supporting this event!

Activities for adults:

  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Cornhole
  • Hanging out on lawnchairs listening to music
  • Meeting new friends

Activities for kids:

  • Play ground at the park
  • Monster grab relay race
  • Blowup soccer and footballs
  • Parachute activity
  • Arts and Crafts (wood bracelets for moms, decorating mini pots and planting seeds for moms, fingerprint bookmarks)
  • Making slime
  • Meeting new friends

Holt Bros BBQ will be there for some free lunch, sponsored by Skookum!

Be sure to bring lawn chairs!

Stay tuned for more details on!

NOTE: Alcohol is not permitted in Veteran’s Park

Really cool news, the president from Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association will be advertising our event!