Proposed: Huddle Schedule

(John Mason) #1

Hey Y’all,

Looks like a Friday huddle followed by a Tuesday huddle only a few days later isn’t very effective.

Because any long winded conversations should really be on the forum for maximum participation, I thought I would propose a biweekly schedule of 2nd and 4th week of the month. Remember, we can also start recording our calls on uberconference and posting to the forum for people that couldn’t attend.

Maybe 2nd week of the month is a Tues and 4th week is a Friday? Please cast a vote below!

  • Bi-Weekly Works! (2nd Tuesday + 4th Friday)
  • Weekly is Better (Fridays alternating with Tuesdays)

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(John R Epperson) #2

I actually think this vote and discussion are both really premature. I strongly disagree with the position that our current system isn’t working. Occasionally we do have shorter meetings or something due to not having things of urgency to talk about or have low attendance, but our current system has allowed communication that didn’t exist before to happen and has helped give us a place to direct people who are wanting to become involved in the group.

I think the real issue here is that we need to figure out what our expectations are of our leaders before we can get too far on a few of these things that stem from that. By prematurely having discussions around things when we have differing ideas of what the expectations are, we set ourselves up for pointless disagreements. We need to make sure we are all starting our discussions from the same place and not rush down the road to solutions on shifting sand.

(Chris Anthony) #3

So what’s the current huddle schedule (with reference to John E’s gmail calendar event), bi-weekly Fridays? We’re no longer doing Tues / Fri?