Replicate the Slack channels to other chat services

(David Gilman) #1

Following up on a conversation in #suggestions a few days ago, I encourage the leadership to consider spinning up Matterbridge or something like it to replicate Slack channels to other chat services. It will help the community improve its accessibility by accommodating users who wish to use alternate technologies.

I would suggest that channels get replicated to Discord and IRC. Discord is popular with many users and there have been several people asking for it over the past few months. IRC is a universal service with much better accessibility tools for the blind. I also urge the leadership to consider spinning up an IRC logger so our conversations can be saved and searchable beyond the limits of the free Slack membership.

I’ve personally run Matterbridge to replicate a Slack channel to Discord. The software has been rock solid and the users are happy with the flexibility with some even using both Slack at work and Discord at home.

(John Mason) #2

:point_up: @staff :thinking:

@dgilman if we gave you the access / resources, would you be willing to set this up for us?

(John Mason) #3

Also, wouldn’t that possibly fork conversations on two different systems?

(David Gilman) #4

If you need someone I can do it. Like I mentioned before I have matterbridge up and running on my VPS for a different community and it’s been stable, useful and basically has zero maintenance burden since I set it up.

The catch is that I don’t personally use Discord or plan to use it so not sure if I’m the best choice to support that side.

Forking conversations: not sure what you mean here. Messages from one system are sent to the other and vice versa. If you use the Slack threading feature and chat in there those messages might not get sent across but I don’t know exactly what happens there.