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(alphabetical order)

  • #announcements - subscribe to be notified of important announcements
  • #design - To discuss all things related towards design.
  • #gdg - Discuss all things related to the Charlotte Google Developer Group
  • #general - talk about anything and everything here
  • #girl-develop-it - Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development.
  • #intros - introduce yourself to the community!
  • #ios - For all interested in all things iOS
  • #javascript - to discuss #javascript
  • #jobs-discussion - To discuss all things related to job hunting, applications, resumes, and hiring
  • #jobs-posts - For sharing open job listings with the CLT Devs community
  • #jobs-seekers - Post your website, resume links for potential employers to find you!
  • #php - Discussion of PHP development, frameworks, CMS, Apache/nginx, & scripting
  • #projects - We have a few projects going on with more to come! If you want to work on something or have an idea, post here!
  • #python - A purpose has not been set for #python.
  • #questions - if you have questions about, well, anything, post here!
  • #random - if you can’t find another place for it, you can post it here!
  • #ruby - To discuss ruby-things
  • #salt - complain about anything here
  • #suggestions - this is our drop box for anything you think we should know about or do
  • #tech-mentors - Pair up with a developer of another level and work together through questions, projects, learning, etc.
  • #tips-and-tricks - post cool things you learned here!
  • #vue - All things related to Vue