Sup, I'm Jewell!

(Jewell Scott) #1

I’m 22 and I live in the LKN area. I graduated with a B.S. in Information Systems in May of 2017. I used HTML/CSS/a little bit of Javascript for my blogs throughout high school, but I didn’t really peek into the life of a developer until college (and my junior year when I changed my major). My IS degree consisted of some of the usuals-- web development (we never even touched JavaScript, strangely), business programming (in Visual Basic for goodness’ sake), database systems (SQL,which was nice), data science, networking and security, systems analysis, etc. But it definitely wasn’t enough! It was practically business degree, having been a major in the business school, and I didn’t realize that I should’ve gone for computer science (or that I even wanted to do computer science) until after graduation.

The most intense experience during my time at university was for an internship at a local tech company near my school. Their business was basically centered on doing testing for other companies (both manual and automated). There, I got to play with Java, and a bunch of awesome tools to write tests and programmatically control a webpage-- Selenium, TestNG, you know the drill.

After working in business IT for some months, I’ve realized that I miss software development! Doing it in my (very limited) free time just isn’t enough, so I’m hoping to build up my portfolio enough so that I can transition into it full time by the end of this year. Fingers crossed!

(John Mason) #2

Welcome, @jewellscott!

Congrats on graduating! Yeah, quite a few us did not major in CS. Honestly, a good handful of my coworkers didn’t have a CS degree either. It’s certainly helpful, I’m sure, but definitely not necessary.

Best of luck building your portfolio! No matter what, just keep building stuff.

Keep us posted if you build something that you want to share and get some feedback in #show-and-tell. Also, if you want to add your portfolio to profile, you can do that here.

(alan) #3

And quite a few of us are college dropouts!

(Matthew Hatcher) #4

I’m with you there. College just wasn’t for me…I could learn more from YouTube than I could in class.

(York Brady) #5

Kinda nice seeing others who didn’t get a CS degree. I graduated with a B.A. in Software & Information Systems, but still went on to software development roles after college. Always felt a little behind or on the outside for not getting a CS degree.

(John Mason) #6

:point_left: Good ole liberal arts major here :smile: