The #jobwin thread!

(John Mason) #1

Thought it would be super cool to start collecting some #jobwin’s that people have while being a part of the Charlotte Devs community. Big props to @teddyp18 for suggesting this idea! :+1:

So if you or anyone that you know has a #jobwin that they’d like to share, please post it below!

Some people that I personally know have gotten #jobwin’s (in no particular order):

Who am I missing?

(Terrence Whittaker Jr) #2

Thanks for the shoutout @john!

Last week I joined the Union team as a Frontend Developer. I was actually referred for the position through a connection made in the CLT Devs slack #jobwin!

(John Mason) #3

Nice!! Congrats dude! I think you have had a double #jobwin since being with CLT Devs. :clap: