Types of Questions for Entry Level Programming Positions

(John Mason) #1

(Doug Grubba) #2

We ask all sorts of workflow type questions:

  • How do you handle when you have a ticket that doesn’t have all the information you need from Product.
  • For full stack (I’m sorry I know some hate that term) we ask if you consider yourself stronger on one side or the other.
  • What technology have you been most passionate about over the last 3 months? (Mostly to gauge enthusiasm)
  • How do you handle scope changes while you are building a feature? (Might get more specific but you get the idea)
  • If the candidate knows something about a specific framework/library we ask things the like and dislike about it.

Was trying to think of some of the more non-technical type questions since the technical questions can get so specific about the position you are going for. It is hard to cover in a forum post.

(Scott Lundgren) #3

Here’s some additional resources:

Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions from the Creators of HTML5 Boilerplate

Also Front End Interview Handbook

(Faye Cheadle) #4

This is product manager based and maybe a bit more advanced, but very good questions to consider or think about for an interview.